Coronation Street: Could psycho Will KILL Robert to get Michelle to himself?

Things are going to get a lot worse for besieged couple

Poor Michelle Connor has had a terrible run of bad luck over the past year.

At the start of 2017 she tragically lost her baby, then found out that her other half Steve had been playing away and had fathered Leanne Battersby’s baby.

Now happy(ish) with Robert, Michelle is finding it hard to cope with a shadowy figure terrorising her – drugging and kidnapping her, to be precise.

Michelle has been terrorised for the past few weeks by who an unknown figure (Credit: ITV)

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Terrified, she reckons its dodgy drug dealer Rich from boyfriend Robert Preston’s past who’s to blame for everything, following Chesney’s horror stabbing.

But little does she know it’s actually her ex Will who is targeting her.

You see, the love-lorn fella is still gutted she ditched him.

But he is a canny so-and-so and has been getting close to Maria.

Michelle thinks its drug dealer Rich who is making her life a misery – but in actual fact it is her ex Will (credit: ITV)

But while she thinks they are a smitten twosome, it would appear his motives are purely vengeful.

He is with Maria in order to stay close to Michelle without her suspecting.

He thinks that the more scared Michelle feels, the more likely it is she will turn to him for support.

He is trying to make Michelle think that dating Robert could be dangerous for her.

And he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve to unsettle the Street glamourpuss.

Will is trying to make Michelle feel so unnerved that she turns to him for comfort (Credit: ITV)

But will Michelle turn to Will as he hopes? Or will she get even closer to Robert?

And if that is the case, will Will try anything to make sure that his beloved is his alone?

Following the firebomb and kidnapping, could Will eventually try his hand at murder?

Speaking about the storyline, Kym Marsh says: “Will feels spurned by Michelle and wants to hurt her in revenge for her hurting him.

“When they had their near-affair last year, the reason she gave for not being with him was that she loved Steve.

“So the fact that she has since left Steve, but still hasn’t chosen Will really angers him.

Will is super jealous that Michelle and Robert are together (Credit: ITV)

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“Obviously, because Michelle and Robert are so convinced that Rich is to blame for everything, he’s able to carry on what he’s doing.

“I think viewers might be shouting at their TV screens, willing Michelle to see what’s under her nose!”

Meanwhile, we can reveal that Robert starts to believe that perhaps Rich isn’t the man behind the terror campaign and suggests to Michelle, to keep her safe, it might be best to fake a split.

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