Corrie’s Samia in Twitter backlash from Love Island fans after slating Camilla

A row over the 'f' word...

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There are many questions you expect to see raised on social media after an episode of Love Island.

Have you ever felt the Olivia-trademarked ‘ick’? Does a waxer come in every day because there is literally not a tiny bit of regrowth on one of their bodies?

But one that we didn’t expect to see on this particular reality show was a debate about what constitutes feminism.

C & J romance over before it really began (Credit: ITV2)

The issue came up after an episode of the show earlier this week saw Camilla end things with Johnny owing to their about-as-different-as-it-gets views on the subject.

Johnny didn’t understand why Camilla wouldn’t want a man to pay for a date, and suggested he would feel emasculated if she didn’t let him buy the grub.

“You’re a feminist, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Shouldn’t we all be feminists? Surely you believe in equality?” said the legend that is Camilla.

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But it turned out that a stuttering Johnny thought “feminism was almost inequality” and things turned pretty awkward, pretty quickly.

Their conversation left Camilla in tears and was hands down the most intellectual thing that has ever happened on Love Island.

But then things went back to normal and – obviously – the girls took part in a twerking competition to win a date with a new guy, with Camilla joining in alongside Montana, Amber, Tyne-Lexy and twerk guru Gabby.

And it was THAT that got a debate going on Twitter about whether Camilla’s move was hypocritical.

Samia Longchambon – AKA Maria from Corrie – tweeted: “Erm twerking to win a date with a guy isn’t really ‘doing it’ for the feminists is it Camilla? @LoveIsland

But she was quickly shot down by many people who thought her point was ridiculous, and that just because a woman chooses to dance with her bum, it doesn’t mean she can’t be a feminist.

One fan tweeted a graph showing “No correlation” while others questioned whether she understood the definition of feminism.

Another replied to Samia’s tweet with. “Literally no connection to the two things.”

Despite her efforts, Camilla’s twerking didn’t win her a date, as it was fellow girl Tyne-Lexy that bagged a drink with new boy Mike. Jess, Montana and Olivia were the other girls he chose to have approximately three sips of sangria with on the world’s shortest dates.

Can. Not. Compute (Credit: ITV)
Amber: wants to support Camilla, sure, but only when she’s dealt with this chin spot (Credit: ITV)

After ending things with Johnny after feminism-gate, Camilla is now at risk of being dumped from the island on Sunday’s recoupling – where the islanders choose who they want to be coupled up with from now on.

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Johnny has moved on to Chloe, and plans to form an alliance with her even though they are just mates/he’s clearly playing tactics.

And Samia? She’s probably planning to keep all future twerk-based opinions to her Corrie mates WhatsApp group only.