Corrie’s Johnny Connor to undergo tests for Parkinson’s and MS

The factory owner has secretly been experiencing health troubles for weeks, now he's facing tests

Coronation Street’s Johnny Connor could be about to face life-changing news, as he undergoes tests for Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

The factory owner has been troubled by health scares for a few weeks, but has kept it all completely to himself.

Despite suffering from dizzy spells, trembling hands and blurred vision, Johnny (played by Richard Hawley) hasn’t confided in anyone about what’s been going on.

But now, as his daughter Kate (played by Faye Brookes) is starting to realise that something is seriously wrong, she begs him to go and get tested.

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Up until now Johnny has been putting his episodes down to stress and overwork, or nerves about his upcoming wedding to Jenny Bradley. And when he came close to collapsing in the street, daughter Kate initially thought he’d just had one too many lunchtime pints in the Rovers.

But now, after realising Johnny hadn’t even been drinking and isn’t coping with simple tasks well, Kate is going to push her dad to go and get tested for the serious conditions.

“Johnny does not seem to be in great shape and Kate will eventually force him to go for some health tests and things come to a head,” a Corrie insider told The Mirror.

“Coronation Street have been very good at raising awareness on health issues in recent times. And this looks like another opportunity as Johnny is tested for things like MS and Parkinson’s.

“The results are not being disclosed just yet but given that he is due to be marrying Jenny Bradley soon they could have a huge impact on a number of people on the Street.”

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Recent storylines in the ITV soap have seen characters including Sally Metcalfe and Ken Barlow tackle conditions including breast cancer and stroke. And over in Emmerdale, the show recently dealt with the death of Ashley from vascular dementia.

If Johnny does test positive for MS, he won’t be the only person in Soapland with the condition. Over in Hollyoaks, former Corrie star Adam Rickitt plays Kyle, who suffers from MS, as does Nancy Osborne, played by Jessica Fox.

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