Corrie’s Jack P. Shepherd shares the FUNNIEST text from his on-screen gran

This will definitely get you laughing!

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Corrie’s Jack P. Shepherd has left fans in hysterics after sharing a text that his on-screen gran Audrey Roberts, played by Sue Nicholls, sent him.

The actor, who plays David Platt in the soap, posted the text which showed Sue asking Jack to call her.

But her hilarious sense of humour had fans in fits of laughter.

David and Sue have worked alongside each other for 17 years (Credit: ITV)

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Sharing the message with his 379K Twitter followers he wrote: “Just had a text from ‘Me Gran’ telling me ‘Darling Give me a ring please. And I love you.

“P.S it’s Sue Nicholls, I play Audrey Roberts’.”

Fans were highly amused by the text with one saying: “This is hilarious. So funny.”

“That is awesome. Completely awesome,” another said.

A third tweeted: “Funniest thing I’ve heard today.”

A fourth added: “Sue is a pure diamond.”

Fans were in hysterics following Sue’s text (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Meanwhile it was recently revealed that Jack’s young son, Greyson Milewski, was left paralysed for two days following an attack of the rare illness he was born with, Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood.

The soap star had a fling with Sammy Milewski six years ago and she found out she was pregnant with little Greyson shortly after.

Sammy opened up about the terrifying ordeal on Twitter. She wrote: “My lil ones condition is too strange. Last 2days he’s not been able t move an talk, now he’s just told me he wants t be a rock star singin & dancing.

“From being soo poorly to just get up an say he’s better an start dancing. Couldn’t be prouder of him.” [sic]

It’s believed that Jack has never seen Greyson but pays maintenance for him after a DNA test proved him to be the father.

The actor has two other children, Nyla and Reuben, with fiancée Lauren Shippey.

A source previously told The Sun: “Jack knows his son has a serious condition but has never once been in touch.

“She doesn’t need his help but you’d think he would have some interest in his own flesh and blood and how he is getting on.

“Sammy is strong enough to cope on her own but what she does struggle to cope with is how a man can turn his back on his own flesh and blood.”

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