Corrie’s Daniel will be left fighting for his life after overdose

More drama for the Barlow family as Daniel - struggling to cope with being accused of his dad's attack - takes an accidental overdose

There’s more drama in store for the Barlow family in Coronation Street, with the news that Daniel will be left fighting for his life.

The student ends up in a critical condition after taking an accidental overdose of recreational drugs.

It’s already been a tough few weeks for Daniel Osborne (played by Rob Mallard), who is one of the suspects accused of attacking Ken Barlow.

His relationship with Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) has been in trouble after she secretly had an abortion, he turned down the chance to study in Oxford and has been at war with his family.

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And everyone has been worried sick about Ken, who ended up in hospital after the mystery attacker hit him over the head at home and he fell down the stairs.

So far the finger of suspicion has fallen on everyone in his family – sons Peter and Daniel, daughter Tracy, grandson Adam and granddaughter Amy – leading to one of the biggest whodunit storylines in the soap’s history.

Ken’s dodgy grandson Adam (Sam Robertson) was arrested in Friday’s episodes, after Amy passed new evidence to the police that he had lied about being in the house.

But it seems like pretty much everyone has a motive and an opportunity.

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“The entire family are suspects following the drama with Ken,” a Corrie insider told The Sun on Sunday.

“Daniel doesn’t cope well at all. He will be seen struggling with difficult emotions. Things only get darker as the weeks go on.

“Viewers will have to wait to see if he is saved or if the family are left grieving so soon after Ken’s lucky escape.”

A Corrie spokeswoman said: “We never comment on storylines.”