Corrie’s Chris Harper reveals Bethany’s “heartbreaking” journey from here

She's finally seen him for what he really is

It’s been a difficult watch as Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt has been groomed by Nathan Curtis.

Tonight’s episodes show it finally dawn on the teen that his plans for her aren’t honourable.

But Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, has revealed that Bethany has a “brave and heartbreaking” road ahead of her as she tries to come to terms with everything that’s happened.

Chris Harper revealed all about where the storyline is going (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking on today’s Loose Women, Chris joined panellists Christine Lampard, Anne Diamond, Jane Moore and Stacey Solomon to talk about the storyline.

“We always kept in mind that people have gone through this themselves,” he explained.

“The CSA have been really supportive all the way through, talking to us about how well it’s going down and just how accurately and sensitively it’s been done.”

When he was asked about whether or not Nathan is going to get his comeuppance, the actor responded:

“It’s a heartbreaking journey, she [Bethany] thinks Nathan loves her, she thinks the way he treats her is right and natural, you have to go through a really heartbreaking process of realising that’s not true, that it’s wrong.

“He’s not going to get a job at Roy’s Rolls, he’s going to get his comeuppance. But Bethany’s going to go on a very brave journey and we’re going to witness that.”

Nathan will get his comeuppance (Credit: ITV)

The star, who has won huge praise for his portrayal of groomer Nathan, revealed he had “no hesitation” about taking the role when he knew what it was going to entail.

“I absolutely loved the writing, when I was given the audition I loved the scenes I was given and what was coming up.”

Chris is married to Emily Bowker, who’s also an actress. He opened up about how she’s been a huge support to him throughout.

He admitted he talked to her a lot during the preparation for the storyline and she also felt it was a real privilege to be able to tell this story.

Chris told how his wife has been incredibly supportive (Credit: ITV)

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“She’s been incredibly supportive, we’ve both been actors for years and years and she’s in a show in New York and she’s cross because she hasn’t been able to watch it – the post watershed week she’s not seen yet. We Facetime and talk about it.”

With a little way to go in this plot yet, Nathan’s time on screen is not over. But he admitted he’s ready for whatever life after Corrie throws at him.

Having had nothing but lovely comments from people on the streets, it’s brilliant that this role is having such a positive affect on the public.

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