Corrie’s Bethany ASSAULTED in grooming plot twist?

Things are set to get very dark

Bethany Platt’s grooming storyline has been distressing viewers for a while now, but it going to get even worse when she finds herself bleeding on the street.

She’s been spotted on location looking distressed and upset crouching in the shadows and clutching a bleeding hand. How’s she got in this state?

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Currently happily in a ‘relationship’ with older man Nathan Curtis, Bethany thinks she’s hit the jackpot with her fella. But she has no idea he’s grooming her to pimp her out to his friends.

There’s going to be a bump in the road when Bethany discovers he’s lied about his past with his assistant, Mel. When they’re filming a new vlog together, Bethany stumbles upon a picture of Nathan and Mel kissing and confronts Mel about it.

She says they did used to be together and fuming Bethany dumps Nathan. Fans will be thankful she’s finally got away from him, but it seems she will go back as they’re set to get engaged.

She’s totally oblivious to his horrid intentions, but does this latest twist suggest she’s actually found out and tried to run away from him?

The schoolgirl looks terrified as there’s blood all over her and she’s sobbing. Has Nathan done this to her?

Or was it one of his mates? Bethany recently attended a party with all of Nathan’s sick friends, and one in particular, Neil, took a shine to her.

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We’ve previously reported that Bethany will be convinced to have sex with Neil, but is he the one who’s done this to her?

Has he lashed out when she couldn’t go through with it? It definitely looks as if she’s hiding from someone in the darkness.

Or has she started self-harming as a way to cope with what’s happening to her?

Once she realises exactly what Nathan is, it’s going to be a lot for her to deal with. Is this the way she thinks will help?

Corrie are keeping quiet over where the storyline will go, but producer Kate Oates has promised they will be seeing it through to it’s proper conclusion, playing it out over a “real time frame and not shying away from any of the details”.

It’s certainly looking like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.