Corrie: Will Mary rescue Bethany from Nathan’s evil clutches?

Viewers want Mary to save Bethany from her living hell

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It’s been the storyline that has captivated and horrified viewers in equal measure but it looks like the creepy grooming of Bethany Platt by the evil Nathan looks set to get worse.

It’s the storyline that has had the nation gripped (Credit: ITV)

Yes, if you thought we’d been put through the ringer enough, Corrie producers have got even more shocks up their sleeve as we watch poor Bethany given an even harder time from Nathan.

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Over the past few months viewers have watched helplessly as Nathan has cut the 16 year old school girl – played by 21 year old Lucy Fallon – off from her friends and family so that she has become totally reliant on him.

Bethany has been through the worst time with her grooming boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

He has also seen the evil Nathan offer up Bethany to men for sex and just last week, he looked on as his mate Neil raped her after he plied her booze.

So surely it’s time for an intervention.

Well, fans of the soap are after one and demanding for lovely sweet Mary to come to Bethany’s rescue after she grew suspicious of Nathan when he and Bethany were in her shop.

Mary seems to have noticed that Nathan might be a wrong ‘un (Credit: ITV)

When Bethany told Mary that Nathan was her boyfriend, Mary, who was raped as a teenager, looked curious and commented that he looked a “bit mature” for her and that her mum must be “very concerned”.

Will Bethany turn to Mary for help? (Credit: ITV)

As a nervous and shifty looking Bethany chatted to Mary, Nathan came into the shop cutting short the conversation that may have led to Bethany pleading for help.

Will Nathan finally get his marching orders thanks to Mary? (Credit: ITV)

Now viewers are hoping Mary’s suspicions will lead her to take action and stop the evil groomer from taking advantage of his teenage girlfriend.

One fan said ‘Yes, Mary has clocked him. GO MARY!

While another rewrote a popular rhyme: “Mary Mary quite contrary how does your grow. Please help Bethany and let her mother know…that you have Nathan sussed.”

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Apparently there are more twists and turns before the storyline reaches its dramatic climax (Credit: ITV)

We know the storyline does come to a conclusion in the next few weeks but we have been warned that there are lots more shocks and twists to come.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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