Corrie viewers ridicule fashion victim Rosie’s latest monstrosity

The former model looked a state

Coronation Street’s Rosie Webster has always tried to be fashion forward, but her latest choice of skirt left viewers rather amused.

Rosie, played by Helen Flanagan, wore a long pale pink net skirt over the top of a denim miniskirt, when she visited the flat of Adam Barlow. She also had a bubblegum pink top.

“Sally won’t be happy when she sees Rosie using her net curtain as a skirt,” quipped one viewer.

“Rosie’s skirt is more like underwear,” said another.

“Now what kinda skirt is Rosie wearing?!” asked another fan.

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One viewer praised the fashion choice. “Why are ppl tripping on #Rosie #CoronationStreet skirt?” they asked. “FashionForward #FashionHasNoBarriers #FashionHasNoFear.”

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Rosie’s outfits have often kept viewers entertained. Earlier this month, one Twitter fan wrote: “I think Rosie Webster is going through a serious fashion crisis.”

In April, Rosie wore a pair of striking bright pink overalls. She asked her sister Sophie: “Why do they call overalls a pair when there’s only one of them?”

Helen says she loves that her character gets dressed up. “I love going into work and feeling glamorous because when I’m at home with Matilda [her daughter] I don’t feel glamorous at all.

“I’ve got the best wardrobe,” she adds. “Everyone is jealous of my wardrobe.”

She also says she has the “longest make-up time”.

Helen returned to Coronation Street earlier this year, thanks in part to the help of Brooke Vincent, who plays her sister Sophie.

Helen said she was “over the moon” when she got asked to return, and claims that she has a better work ethic now.

“When I was younger, I didn’t really appreciate what a good job I had.”

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