Corrie viewers notice something strange about Eva’s proposal

Surely someone would have seen Maria skulking out of the toilets in that tiny pub

It was the moment we’ve all been waiting for and Corrie did not disappoint.

Monday night saw loveable love rat Aidan Connor reeling after making his messy love life even messier.

The factory boss had literally just finished getting up to no good with his secret flame Maria Connor when Eva Price arrived to pop the question in the Rovers.

But she hadn’t come alone. Poor Eva had brought along a Mexican themed party with both of their families and mates to mark the occasion.

Eva surprised Aidan with a shock proposal – but she didn’t realise he had been busy with Maria (Credit: ITV)

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She had no idea what Aidan was really up to and when she heard her man was in the pub she decided to surprise him.

And what a surprise it was for Aidan and Maria as they exited the loo to be met by a party of revellers and a Mariachi band in tow.

It could have been more of a surprise for Eva if she had actually noticed the pair of them skulking out of the loos.

But luckily for them she was so loved up, she didn’t realise what was going on under her nose.

Maria and Aidan left the toilets to be confronted by a Mariachi band and a gushing Eva (Credit: ITV)

Clearly blinded by her love, the poor dear.

Without a care in the world, Eva jumped straight in with her proposal, leaving the love-rat factory boss suitably stunned.

Fans of the soap, however, were a bit suspicious about the scenario.

Surely Eva couldn’t be that stupid! Or the rest of the pub’s revellers.

How could everyone have missed Maria sneaking out of the toilets like that?

While Eva was planning to pop the question, Aidan and Maria were getting it on! (Credit: ITV)

“Eva must be thick not put 2 + 2 together them coming out of toilets same time #Corrie,” tweeted one viewer.

Another said: “We all know Maria’s skanky, but not one of those people in the bar noticed her skulking out the gents. #Corrie.”

A third ranted: “The entire Rover’s Return were waiting for Aidan to come out of the gents, & no one noticed Maria? Okay, then. #corrie.”

Erm…. Aidan thanked his lucky stars that Eva didn’t realise what he was up to (Credit: ITV)

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A fourth chimed in: “How did no one else notice Maria came out of the gents?! #Corrie.”

“My hopes at Maria and Aiden’s dirty secret being exposed totally dashed #Corrie

“#Corrie Did no one actually see Maria come out of the gents, was waiting for it to kick off,” came the response from a fifth.”

Not to be left out, another blustered: “#Corrie  Surely everyone saw Maria go in the Gents?  The bog door is only 2 yards from the bar.”

Well soap fans, sometimes those characters we know and love are a bit thick but the tension in this toilet-based storyline certainly left Aidan and Maria flushed.