Corrie viewers in hysterics as Gail tries to run Shona out of town

Mafia recruitment department, is that you? We have a candidate for you in Weatherfield!

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There have been many things Gail Platt has been mocked for on social media.

The hair, the many, many awful husbands and now her current incarnation as a gangster baddie.

Because when it came to bribing Shona – the mother of Clayton, who killed her son David’s wife Kylie – to leave the cobbles in last night’s episodes, Gail offered her the grand sum of… £400.

That’s right: £400.

Gail pulled her best stern face (Credit: ITV)

Gail wanted Shona to flee after seeing her get close to David, who is unaware of who she really is and has tried to snog her.

Drunk David made a clumsy pass (Credit: ITV)

“I’ve got £400,” Gail said. “It’s money I can’t afford to lose but, like you, I’m willing to make sacrifices for my son.

“It’ll get you a ticket somewhere, tide you over until you get a good job.”

Ok, Gail, a few things.

Firstly, have you seen rental prices lately?

Secondly, do you know how much a Virgin train costs, even the ticket where you don’t get a snack-pack?


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Twitter was similarly amused, with @IpswichTownGirl tweeting: ‘When Gail Platt tries to pay you off…… With £400. Alright love #corrie #coronationstreet’

@LizGlassock followed up with: ‘Bloody hell Gail, 400 quid for a ticket somewhere and to tide her over till she gets a job! Ticket to where? 1983? #Corrie’

Does Shona want to stay for David? (Credit: ITV)

@scuzzmonster2 posted: ‘£400 to tide you over? Yerjokinarnyer, Gail? That’s barely a decent night out. #Corrie’

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They’re not wrong: Liz McDonald and Eileen could get through that on a Rovers Return/ Weathy Arms pub crawl and a couple of kebabs on the way home.

And Nick Tilsley? Probably spends that on two bottles of wine.

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