Corrie viewers heartbroken again as disturbed Bethany offers herself to Craig

Lots of people want to see the pair get together - but not like this

She’s been at the centre of one of Coronation Street’s most gruelling storylines ever, as she was groomed by her ‘fiance’ Nathan Curtis and abused by other men in his evil sex ring.

But this week Bethany Platt showed that victims don’t move on as soon as they escape their abuser, as she offered sex to her friend Craig Tinker.

A confused Bethany thought that was the way to pay him for his support throughout her ordeal.

Craig did the decent thing and declined Bethany’s offer (Credit: ITV)

Last night’s episodes saw her get drunk and proposition him, suggesting that by sleeping with her he would be a ‘real man’.

“Well I might have had a little bit to drink but you know what it helps me to see things more clearly,” she told him after downing vodka in a back street. “And you are the best man I know. You’re a real man – or at least you will be soon.”

This, right here, is the epitome of a good guy (Credit: ITV)

Luckily lovely Craig was horrified and told her he wouldn’t sleep with her.

Now evil Nathan has been arrested, Bethany will be giving evidence against him in a trial that’s expected to be screened in autumn – finally bringing the storyline to its conclusion.

Will Bethany get the justice she needs? (Credit: ITV)

A source told The Mirror: “She still finds it a huge and emotional thing to do after believing for so long he loved her. Her evidence and whether she can cope is crucial to whether Nathan ends up in prison.”

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In the meantime her friendship with the adorable Craig is one of the only good things going on for her right now, so we’re super-relieved that he did the right thing.

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Oh and also that he managed to give us a laugh amongst the sadness by quoting, er, Meatloaf.

Craig – Nicest Soap Character of June 2017 ED! Winner (Credit: ITV)

One fan tweeted: “I will do anything but I won’t do that. Sounds like a line from meatloaf Craig.”

Another agreed: “Did Craig just go all Meatloaf on Bethany then?”

We kind of think Corrie writers might have done that deliberately to cheer us up a bit… and are now picturing Craig in a very long wig rocking out.

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