Corrie star warns ending to the Bethany plot hasn’t even been written yet

There's still a way to go before Bethany gets justice

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It’s been one of the most troubling and tense storylines ever on Coronation Street and it seems even the writers aren’t certain yet where to take it.

Nathan Curtis has been grooming Bethany Platt and viewers have been desperate for her to escape his clutches.

Finally last week, Bethany saw him for what he was and managed to get away by seeking help from a stranger.

But it’s not over yet.

This controversial storyline has been running for months but there is no end in sight as yet (Credit: ITV)

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Nathan has friends in the police and the sinister character may yet still have some tricks up his sleeve.

The officer who was supposed to be helping Bethany turned out to be Neil, the first ‘friend’ Nathan had introduced the impressionable girl to.

With the walls closing in on him now too, Neil warned Bethany not to mention his name and then threatened her family.

It has been rumoured that Nathan will end up in court in dramatic scenes involving Bethany giving evidence via video link.

Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, has revealed that the ending to this frightening storyline hasn’t been written yet so nobody on the show really knows what is going to happen next.

Viewers have seen Bethany stand up to Nathan, but there are more tests and turns in store for the characters (Credit: ITV)

“He’s going to have to go down,” he told the Press Association, “it’s not been written yet but we’re doing it with full responsibility and awareness.

“It’s clearly made an impact. It’s been wonderful how many people have come up and talked to me… People who’ve had abuse in their life or their families’ lives.

“The role has opened my eyes to how much of it exists and how much great work there is to try to combat it.”

Harper has previously tried to reassure worried viewers that the plot will be handled sensitively and sympathetically, saying “Bethany will go on a very brave journey” and the viewers will get to see that.

Actor Chris Harper says playing evil Nathan has one his eyes to the fact that so much abuse is about (Credit: ITV)

“No matter how tricky some of the filming has been, the crew have been incredible and we’ve always kept in mind that people have been through this themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile viewers have been praising the actors for the way they’ve handled such dramatic scenes.

One tweeted: “#CorrieBethany @lufallon @Harpsichordi both deserve awards for Best dramatic performance”.

Another added: “So positive you’re doing this storyline.. Our girls need to have awareness. My daughter has spoken up about this. Trial end of year.”

Viewers have found the storyline hard to watch but have praised the actors (Credit: ITV)

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While another said “Awful seeing that again. Watching Bethany as she’s snared and poor Sarah helpless to save her child. The nightmare is far from over though”.

One fan posted: “That Neil better get his comeuppance too he really makes my skin crawl”.

Even Chris Harper is tweeting with fans saying his character should be in the slammer: “Really touched by all the messages from @itvcorrie fans tonight. Thank you. There’s more to come, but you’re right. Nathan should GO DOWN!”

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