Corrie star hits out as vile troll sends her a death wish

Sally Ann Matthews was not taking the abuse lying down...

What is it with people who can’t differentiate between fact and fiction?

Yes, we know that the people playing our favourite characters aren’t going to be anything as exciting as what we get to see onscreen, but most of us know the difference between a character and an actor. Right?

Which means, that yes, Jenny Bradley might be a manipulative old boot on Corrie, but what is seen onscreen isn’t actually who actress Sally Ann Matthews is.

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And yet some think it’s okay to troll her and send her death threats and get away with it.

Just this week, one Twitter coward wished her “a beautiful death” at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Charming, eh?

The vile message came after Sally had posted and re-tweeted messages bigging up the Met Police for their sterling work following the London terror attacks on Wednesday.

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The user – who better thought of it and eventually deleted the offensive message – wrote: “Wishing you a beautiful death by your favourite Islamic terrorists.

“Now block.”

But the thick skinned star wasn’t taking any of it lying down and swiftly took a screen grab of the bitter comment and re-posted to her followers.

Accompanying the image she said: “Clearly this chap had second thoughts after sending as it’s now deleted. Seems like a nice fella…. x”

Poor Sally has been subjected to many similar messages from people who clearly still live with their mums and wouldn’t know how to function themselves in real life.

But the sassy actress was more than happy to fire back at her critics, stating: “I’m thankful that 99.9% of my timeline is kind, open.”

But this isn’t the first time Sally has been attacked by mindless armchair bullies who revel in cutting people down.

Earlier in the year, Sal was ridiculously slated for her fabulous flame-coloured hair, with one troll sniping;

“Even your name is awful.”

“Sally sounds like a dog lmao you ginger.”