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Corrie star Colson Smith ‘petrified’ to leave his house after infuriating his neighbours over not recycling properly

The neighbours have even vented on Facebook about it!

Corrie star Colson Smith says he’s now ‘petrified’ to leave his flat after he angered his neighbours over his recycling methods.

The Coronation Street actor, 22, said he hadn’t been able to recycle some of his online delivery boxes, and this infuriated his neighbours.

So much so that they even took to a neighbourhood Facebook group to vent over the culprit.

While taking to his podcast with his costars Ben Price and Jack P.Shepherd he went into details over the debacle.

Colson explained: “My delivery boxes I get every week I can’t recycle because they’ve got polystyrene and ice packs in.

colson smith corrie
Corrie star Colson Smith runs a podcast with two of his co-stars (Credit: SplashNews)

Who does Corrie star Colson Smith have a podcast with?

“I just chuck it all into one big box, recycle the other, but chuck everything else into one big box and put that in the bin.”

The actor, who plays Craig Tinker on the ITV soap, lives with his co-star Ben Price.

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He continued: “I feel like knocking on everyone’s door and apologising.

“By the bins we saw two empty boxes that weren’t in the recycling bin and I said, ‘Ben, they’re my boxes.’

“Somebody had fished all my rubbish out of the boxes and left the boxes. I genuinely, hand on heart, didn’t realise I was doing something wrong.

jack p shehperd and colson smith
Colson Smith as Craig Tinker with his co-star Jack P. Shepherd (Credit: ITV)

What else did Colson say?

“I think someone was peed off that it should’ve been put in the recycling bin.

“I’d filled up the cardboard box with rubbish and used the box itself as a bin and then chucked it in the bin.”

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Before explaining: “But now the recycling bins have been locked down so you can only put it in through the little post box, and there’s a post on Facebook of somebody ranting about the ‘inconsiderate a**e that’s ruined it for everyone else’. That’s me.

“My mum said I should do what I did this week – basically use two black bin bags. I had to put all the polystyrene balls in one bag, all the side pieces and ice packs in one pack, and fold the boxes down.

Colson Smith
Colson says he’s worried about upsetting his neighbours any further (Credit: SplashNews)

“I’m basically walking around the flat now, from the minute I get in the lift to the minute I get out, keeping my head down. I’m petrified.”

What’s more, he said the concierge even requested them to recycle properly.

This led to a rather awkward encounter with the concierge in question.

Colson lamented: “We got into the lift to go to the car park. I don’t like touching the buttons because of Covid, so I went to press car park with the cardboard and accidentally pressed reception.

“The lift doors open and the concierge is looking right at us. Our hands were full of recycling.”

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