Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley insists she’s not pregnant after posting candid social media snap

She also shared healthy eating advice to followers

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Coronation Street’s Eva Price might be doing all she can to fake a pregnancy, but her real-life alter ego Catherine Tyldesley has put paid to any suggestions she might be pregnant with her second child by posting a surprising Instagram picture.

Sharing the snap on the feed of The Pitfield Family, which says it’s “inspiring, motivating and educating families to create a happy, healthy lifestyle” Catherine revealed she wasn’t expecting and had merely eaten the wrong type of food, causing her stomach to bloat.

She wrote alongside the image: “This is NOT a #pregnant belly… this is bloating. Bloating caused by making poor food choices.”

She went on to advise her fans to make sure they read the ingredients properly, eat “from the land” and get to know your body’s likes and dislikes.

“If you struggle with bloating, keep a food diary – track what sets your bloating off. Treat your body well and it will look after you, pump it full of toxins and sooner or later it WILL react.

“You wouldn’t pour poison onto a growing flower right? Same principle!”

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Fans were quick to respond to the snap, sure she must be pregnant: “No way, surely that’s a pregnancy picture?!?!” one astounded poster said.

“This has defo got to be a pregnancy photo!” another added.

“Nope 100% not pregnant,” Catherine responded.

It looks like Eva could use a spot of that bloating technique when trying to prove to on-screen fiance Aidan Connor that she is having his child.

So far he doesn’t suspect she’s playing him after discovering all about his affair with Maria Connor, and thinks he’s going to be a dad. But as time ticks on and she doesn’t start to show, he’ll probably get a little suspicious.

As for Catherine, she looks great to us, but she has recently admitted she carries a photo of her when she was overweight to remind her how well she’s done in her health journey.

At her heaviest, the actress was a size 22 and weighed 15 stone.

Speaking to Best magazine the 33-year-old revealed: “I actually keep a picture from when I was big on my phone to remind myself just how far I’ve come.

“When I look at pictures of myself from that time, it doesn’t look like me.

“I was a different person.”

She told the publication cutting out junk food and snacks was the key to her success and she’s a happier person because of it.

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The actress is mum to little Alfie, who was born in 2015, and she regularly shares snaps of him on social media – what a cutie.

She married her husband, personal trainer Tom Pitfield, in 2016, after two years of dating.

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