Corrie star admits her true thoughts about Helen Flanagan’s return

Brooke Vincent has spoken out about her screen sister's comeback

A blast from the past turned up on our screens last week when Rosie Webster arrived back on Coronation Street.

It has been a few years since Helen Flanagan played Rosie in the ITV soap and her comeback has dominated headlines.

The return of a big character though can sometimes upset the balance of the cast.

Brooke Vincent, who plays Rosie’s sister Sophie in the soap, has worked the closest with Helen since she came back.

She has spoken out about what it is like to have Helen back on set.

It turns out that Brooke is loving it!

Brooked revealed: “She’s like my big sister.

“We grew up together and I missed her, so it’s great to have her back.

“The chemistry between us is still there.”

Brooke is also making a return to Weatherfield too after taking a break to tread the boards in the theatre.

She has spent three months touring with Be My Baby but is pleased to have made a return to Corrie.

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine, Brooke said: “I’ve done the same job since I was 11, so this strange environment feels normal to me.

“When the opportunity came up to go on tour with the play ‘Be My Baby’, which is set in the 60s, I thought it would be nice to do that, but also have the security to come back here.

“I really enjoyed doing theatre. You have to really concentrate – unlike in Corrie there’s no opportunity for a second take if you mess up.

“I learned a lot. I’ve come back with a different mindset and it made me want to better my character here.

“I loved doing something different. This is an amazing job but I might be like a Peter Barlow and just try and dip in and out as and when.”

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Brooke has been more outspoken about the storylines that her character Sophie is involved in. She has said that they are too much about her sexuality than having some ‘meat’ to it.

She said: “I sometimes feel frustrated when they try to put Sophie with every other girl who’s lesbian.

“There’s more to people than their sexuality so I’d prefer to do a storyline about my job or family.

“Thankfully our producer Kate Oates seems to get that.”