Corrie Spoilers: cobbles couple set to become parents

Warning world: Todd Grimshaw has been put in charge of a human

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If you’d told us that Billy ‘I used to be a vicar, I’m a nice guy’ Mayhew and Todd ‘incarnate of nastiness, even turn on my mum’ Grimshaw were going to be together a year ago, let alone be parents, we’d have probably gone to the Rovers for a large sherry.

No, actually, we’d have grabbed Liz McDonald and suggested we all kicked off in the Weathy Arms then headed into town.

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But with Billy’s goddaughter Summer orphaned – and Billy down to look after her in the event of her parents’ death – that’s exactly what’s happening.

While their newfound experience of parenthood is a big storyline for the pair, there are more surprises ahead too, as word on the street – no literally, the ones with cobbles – is that Billy’s dark side is about to be explored.

Billy’s… dark side? Erm, someone needs to explain.

Corrie boss Kate Oates told The Sun Online: “They’ll be parenting, Todd as a parent, we’ll see how that works out. Summer has been cast and she’s a great little actress.

Oates added that she’s excited about the new situation of having Todd and Billy with a daughter too.

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“We’ll have these two guys bringing up a daughter which will bring a very different dynamic to them,” she says. “Once Todd gets his head around it, there’s some great material.

“We’ll learn also that Billy’s past isn’t quite as straightforward as Todd thinks.

“Todd can be so bad and Billy at his core can be so good but what I’m interested in is what was Billy before.

‘He’s quiet and dark and troubled so that will be interesting to explore.”

Seriously: did not see this coming.

What next? Ken Barlow announcing that he used to be part of some bad-boy biker gang? Emily Bishop returning to reveal she’s actually been doing time for assault? There are no rules any more, guys.