Corrie SPOILER: Twist as Sarah goes to the police about Bethany

She finally takes action to help her daughter, but all is not as it seems

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Sarah Platt is worried sick about her daughter Bethany after her attack on her family.

And with Bethany having run away from the Platt household, and Sarah aware Nathan’s hold over her isn’t normal, she decides to do the sensible thing and go to the police.

Unfortunately, the officer who shows up to listen to her concerns is none other than Neil, the man responsible for raping Bethany.

Sarah has no idea Neil’s one of the men she’s trying to protect her daughter from (Credit: ITV)

After finding her teen offspring dressed provocatively and passed out drunk at Nathan’s flat, Sarah decided to take action. She got Gary Windass to help her cart Bethany home and then they locked her in.

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Sarah was stunned by the state Bethany was in (Credit: ITV)

When Bethany awoke from her drunken stupor, she lost the plot, throwing things at her family, and even stabbing Gary.

She was desperate to get back to Nathan and was terrified that he’d punish her for being late for one of his parties. The hold he has over was horrifyingly clear, and Sarah knew she had to do something.

Bethany lashed out when she realised she couldn’t get back to Nathan (Credit: ITV)

When the police officer turns up, unsuspecting Sarah is grateful as she pours her heart out over her fears for Bethany. She reveals her daughter is under the control of a much older man and gives the cop all the information she knows about Nathan.

Begging the officer to help keep her girl safe, he promises to do all he can and heads off to find Bethany.

Of course, Neil knows he needs to keep Bethany exactly where he and Nathan want her, and the story he feeds her when he gets to the flat is very different to the one Sarah told him.

Nathan has Bethany right where he wants her (Credit: ITV)

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Twisting Sarah’s words to get Bethany to disown her mother once and for all, it works when Neil then takes Bethany back to the Platts’ and she rages at her mum, insisting she wants nothing more to do with her.

Sarah is helpless as she watches her daughter leave with Neil, and doesn’t know where to turn next.

But when Bethany gets home to Nathan, things get sinister when he tells her she needs to show some gratitude to Neil – and to Ian as well.

Ian and Neil are lining up to sleep with Bethany (Credit: ITV)

Knowing she has to sleep with both men again sickens Bethany to the core. But is she so far under Nathan’s spell she’ll go along with anything he says just to please him?

With one of her abusers a policeman who’s supposed to save girls like her, has Bethany lost all hope of ever being rescued?