Corrie SPOILER: Troubled Street resident in overdose drama

It's not been a good few weeks and he turns to drugs to cope

Daniel Osbourne has had a difficult time of late after, you know, pushing his dad Ken Barlow down the stairs.

After being revealed as Ken’s attacker last week, dramatic scenes saw him have a near breakdown.

Daniel couldn’t cope after his dad discovered what he did and his mum returned (Credit: ITV)

A confrontation with his dad saw Daniel lose it just as his mum, Denise Osbourne, returned out of the blue.

Viewers had thought Denise was dead and that Daniel had killed her, but it turns out she was safe and well and had just left after having a breakdown of her own, as Daniel had said all along.

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Denise’s return messed with Daniel’s head even more (Credit: ITV)

The return of his mum, the struggles with his dad, and the fact girlfriend Sinead Tinker also wants nothing to do with him, despite the fact he lashed out as Ken in defence of her, has all got a bit too much for Daniel.

Even though Ken’s determined to cover up his son’s crime and make sure he doesn’t go to prison for what he’s done, Daniel is still struggling.

His guilt is weighing heavily on him and with the rest of the Barlows wanting nothing to do with him, Daniel feels lost and alone.

Ken wants to help and offers to pay for a private therapist (Credit: ITV)

But Ken is persevering. He thinks Daniel needs proper help and offers to pay for it privately. But Daniel rejects the idea of seeing a therapist, insisting he doesn’t deserve to feel better.

Instead, he tries again to get Sinead to talk to him. But when she won’t even give him the time of day, Daniel really hits rock bottom.

Daniel contacts Robert’s ‘old friend’ who also happens to be a drug dealer (Credit: ITV)

An altercation with Tracy tips him over the edge and Daniel goes to see an old friend of Robert Preston, called Rich, who is a drug dealer.

He makes out they’re for Robert and gets his hands on the illegal substance. He takes it straight away.

Meanwhile, over at the Bistro Robert is stunned when Rich arrives wanting payment for the drugs.

Realising it was Daniel who bought them, Robert knows he could be in danger, and rushes over to his flat.

Robert and Adam rush to help Daniel, but are they too late? (Credit: ITV)

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Adam arrives at the same time and when they let themselves in, they find an unconscious Daniel slumped over the sofa.

Can they wake him up? Has Daniel purposefully tried to take his own life? And can anyone help him find a way out of the darkness?