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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Corrie SPOILER: Toyah's baby heartbreak

Will Toyah's baby dream destroy her relationship?

Corrie returnee Toyah Battersby is desperate to be a mum, but the problem is her new boyfriend, Peter Barlow, doesn't want any more kids. Could this be what drives him into another woman's arms?

Harbouring the secret that her IVF struggles drove her and her husband Toby apart, but that she still desperately wants children, Toyah's stunned when Peter tells her he's done with having kids.

Heartbroken at the revelation, it's an opportune moment for Toby to turn up and talk about the future of their frozen embryos.

He tells her the clinic have been in touch and they need to make a decision.

As her estranged husband stands in front of her offering her everything she wants, while her lover refuses to give her the one thing she desires above all else, Toyah's faced with a huge dilemma.

Toyah's need to be a mother is great.

In an interview with Radio Times, actress Georgia Taylor talked about her character's tough choice:

"Does she stay with the man she loves and give up her dream of having children, which is all she’s ever wanted, or does she give him up? It's catch 22 really.

"How do you choose? If she has to, then she would probably let Peter go. That’s how great her need to be a mother is.”

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As Toyah heads to a spa with sister Leanne, and Eva, she confides her baby fears. And when Peter finds out about her IVF struggle, he can't believe she's kept something so huge from him.

Wondering what other lies she's told him, he storms off in his taxi - and straight into the arms of his client Chloe.

Never one to turn down a beautiful lady when they ask him for a coffee, Peter duly obliges.

The question is, will Peter stop at a drink and a chat or will he be tempted by some illicit bedroom action?

Elsewhere, Leanne has decided she's going to talk to Toyah's secret boyfriend and persuade him to have kids with her sis. We can see where this is going...

She sends a text to 'Fred' from Toyah's phone, but is stunned when it's Peter who turns up.

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Is she about the find out the truth about Toyah and Peter's illicit romance?

And how will she feel when she discovers pretty much everyone else knew before she did?