Corrie SPOILER: Steve and Michelle to divorce?

Is it really over for the grieving parents?

There was always going to be more heartbreak ahead for Corrie’s Michelle and Steve McDonald when she found out he’d fathered Leanne’s child, but now it looks like there’s no way back for the couple.

It’s been reported that Michelle will file for divorce from Steve following her discovery. But can he find a way to persuade her to give them another go?

It’s hardly surprising that the grieving mum is distraught when she finds out the truth about Steve and Leanne.

Having lost her own baby, Ruairi, at 23 weeks facing the fact Steve has another healthy son with another woman will probably tip her over the edge.

In emotional scenes in Monday’s Corrie, Robert Preston talked Michelle down from suicide, and many fans worried Steve’s baby bombshell would drive Michelle back to the brink.

But it seems instead of sending her into a suicidal state, the news sends Michelle into a fury.

Refusing to listen to his explanations, Michelle files for divorce from her husband and starts talking about taking him to the cleaners straight away.

The Rovers Return is at the centre of their battle as she wants the pub to herself.

And, for some reason, reports have suggested Peter Barlow also thinks he can get his hands on the boozer!

With it coming at Steve from all angles he struggles to cope with the loss of his wife as well as his child.

An insider told The Sun:

“She [Michelle] brings in the lawyers and tells the love rat she’s going to divorce him.

“She tells him she’s going to be taking half of everything the couple own, including the pub.

“It sparks a huge row on the Street. Steve is in for several weeks from hell.”

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But why Does Peter want the pub? The source continued:

“Michelle goes after The Rovers and other Weatherfield residents also eye up the property.

“As soon as Peter finds out that Michelle might get half, he starts looking around to see if he can buy her share off her when she gets it.”

The McDonalds’ divorce might just pave the way for Michelle to get together with Robert – which many viewers are desperate to happen.

They almost shared a kiss on Monday, but Robert played the gent and gently refused her advances.

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Despite the fact she’s grieving and all over the place, fans want Michelle and Robert to have an affair – especially given Steve’s betrayal with Leanne.

Amy Louise took to Twitter to express her disappointment:

“I literally thought something was gonna happen between Robert and Michelle tonight then it finished saying she wants Steve whyyyy [sic]”.

Others agreed with her, posting their support of a relationship between the two:

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With a divorce now on the cards for Michelle and Steve, how long will Robert wait before making his move?

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