Corrie SPOILER: Shock pregnancy plot revealed

How will the betrayed soap fave react to the news?

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Coronation Street has had plenty of baby drama already this year, but it’s set for a further pregnancy shock when another character discovers she’s expecting.

No sooner has Sinead Tinker finished with boyfriend Chesney Brown than she finds herself knocked up, but whose baby is it?

Viewers know Sinead and Ches’s long-term relationship is on the rocks as he continues to ignore her and make her feel unloved.

Things got worse when we saw Chesney lie to Sinead about a shift swap at the kebab shop to get out of spending time with her. Ouch.

When Sinead realised what he’d done, she squirted him with a bottle of ketchup. Go girl!

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And while things with Chesney have been rocky, her bond with Daniel Osbourne is growing.

After helping him with his MA application, Daniel thanks her with a venus fly trap – bit of an odd gift if you ask us!

But Sinead’s touched by it and it looks like she’s starting to think the grass might be greener on Daniel’s side.

Chesney doesn’t help his case when he jokes about with Gemma and starts feeding the plant meat. When Sinead sees her gift looking sickly, she’s furious with her other half and it only serves to remind her just how childish he is.

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With Ches begging her for another chance, it’s clear she’s having doubts about their future together.

She obviously makes a decision quick smart because it’s not long before she’s dating Daniel.

Reportedly, things get pretty steamy pretty quickly, but in their passion being careful clearly isn’t top of their priorities as Sinead soon discovers she’s pregnant.

At first she wants to keep it a secret, but Daniel finds the pregnancy test and assumes the baby is Chesney’s. Charming!

Sinead is adamant Daniel is the baby’s father and the student is forced to accept he’s going to be a dad.

His dad, Ken, is far from happy about the news when they break it to him. A soap insider told The Sun:

“Ken is fuming when he finds out Daniel could be a dad at only 22 years old. He thinks Daniel’s being dragged down by Sinead and does his best to tell Daniel to stay away.”

But will Daniel listen?

Ken might not be impressed, but fans are pretty keen on the potential new coupling, and they’ve taken to Twitter to have their say:

Will a baby make or break them?