Corrie SPOILER: Shock for Phelan as long-lost daughter is revealed

Killer has a ready-made family...

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Last month we teased that Corrie’s Phelan was about to be hit with an almighty shock – a love child!

New paparazzi pictures show Phelan with teen sidekick Seb Franklin and a mystery brunette woman.

She looks the right age to be Seb’s mum – and, indeed, Phelan’s daughter. Hmmm…

So, what do we know about the killer’s offspring?

Well, it’s been reported that she is called Nicola and she was conceived during his affair with a mate’s wife. (Of course!)

What are the chances of his daughter turning out to be the mother of the boy who is going out with the adopted daughter of the woman Phelan so horrifically exploited and victimised,eh?

Did you catch all of that? Young Seb is dating Faye, Anna’s lass. Evil Pat ruined Anna’s life. of course, by coercing her into sleeping with her to pay off partner Owen’s debt.

Of course, the signs of a genetic connection were there between Seb and Phelan – the teenager is clearly a wrong un, too.

Not only is he routinely cruel and manipulative towards his schoolgirl lover, but he also beat up her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy.

He’s currently languishing in a young offenders institute, where Phelan has been visiting him.

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Phelan isn’t the only one who will be faced with their family making a dramatic return.

Mary Taylor’s long-lost son Jude, who she reluctantly put up for adoption as a baby, is set to move into Weatherfield alongside his family.

He was recently reunited with his mum and invited her to move to South Africa, but she changed her mind at the eleventh hour.

It’s thought the influx of new characters and expanding families is to accommodate the upcoming extra episode of the soap week each week.

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A source told The Sun: “When bosses announced that there would be an extra episode every week, they knew they needed more characters and storylines.

“Now they have firm plans in place, and are trying to fill the roles with the best talent they can.”

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