Corrie SPOILER: Sally’s stalker leaves her fearing for her life

Things are getting worse for poor Sal

After the sick prank that saw Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe told her cancer had returned, her malicious troll steps things up a gear next week.

Sal’s determined to stay strong, but as the horrible incidents keep occurring, it’s clear things are getting to her.

Husband Tim has demanded she come off all social media. But with her position as local councillor, Sally feels she really needs an online presence so reactivates all her accounts.

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When she then receives a message telling her to check the local paper, she flips through the Walford Gazette only to find her own obituary in there.

That’s awful. Is it another nasty joke or is it a genuine death threat?

When the threatening texts keep coming, Sally is left shaken and worried for her own safety. And when a mysterious parcel arrives for her and the contents are disgusting, she ends up sobbing.

She hides in the factory where Tim finds her crying, and she confesses everything that’s happened. He’s livid and makes her close down all her social media accounts again.

But when he suggests she give up being a councillor, that’s one step too far for Sally who insists whoever’s doing this won’t drive her to quit.

The next day, she defiantly attends an LGBTQI event with her daughters, Rosie and Sophie Webster, and her hubby by her side for support. Tim’s convinced the stalker is planning to attack Sally during the speech, so he keeps an extra eye out.

But his suspicions go into overdrive when he notices someone break away from the crowd on her phone. He immediately assumes that’s his wife’s tormentor and gives chase.

Grabbing her phone, the woman is stunned when he stamps on it as a security guard holds him back. But has he really got the right person?

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Meanwhile, Rosie and Sophie have come up with a far less hot-headed way of tracking the troll down and visit the newspaper offices to find out who posted the obituary.

Seeing the photographer who previously stitched her up, Rosie threatens him to help them out. Can she persuade him to go along with her plan?

And will this be an end to the sick pranks Sally’s suffering?

Exactly who is doing this to her?