Corrie SPOILER: Proposal drama for Eva and Aidan

Her plans for a BIG proposal don't go according to, er, plan

Let’s be fair, proposals in Soapland rarely go completely to plan – especially when the character has totally over-planned them!

And that’s exactly what happens to Eva Price when she decides she’s had enough of waiting around for boyfriend Aidan Connor to ask her to marry him, so she’s going to ask him instead.

It all stems from an idea Aidan’s dad, Johnny, puts in her head and she decides to go for it with an extravagant proposal in the Rovers.

A nervous Eva has planned her proposal to every fine detail (Credit: ITV)

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In fairness to her, she doesn’t exactly know it’s gone wrong, but Aidan’s secretly seeing Maria behind Eva’s back and so we all know Eva’s actually making a massive fool of herself and heading for heartbreak.

She sets the entire place up with a Mexican theme (why, we don’t know!), hires a mariachi band and dresses herself in a red corseted outfit like a Spanish senorita.

So how does Aidan respond? “[He’s] stunned,” Shayne Ward, who plays the cheating guy, told Inside Soap. “Particularly since minutes before Eva pops the question the naughty boy is in the toilets with Maria!”

What a dirty dog.

Aidan says yes, but does he really mean it? (Credit: ITV)

Maria is watching on, completely shocked by what’s unfolding.

And our guess is, she’s pretty peeved when he throws his arms around Eva and says “yes”.

An over-the-moon Eva can’t believe it and is so excited. As the punters in the pub gather round and offer their congratulations, Maria has quietly made her exit.

Maria’s not impressed her lover’s marrying someone else (Credit: ITV)

Aidan heads off to find her and explain, but she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say.

But then again, Maria was the one who restarted their affair knowing Aidan wasn’t prepared to leave Eva for her, so really, what does she expect?

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It doesn’t take long for Maria to forgive Aidan (Credit: ITV)

As the pair make amends, they resume their sneaky hook ups in that very private place, the ginnel, and it’s not long before they’re smooching happily again.

Although, it turns out their super-discreet liaison will be discovered by one of their neighbours.

Who will catch them out? And what will they do with the information?