Corrie SPOILER: Is this how Phelan finally gets his comeuppance?

Is Andy really going to be the one to get the better of the bully boy builder?

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Coronation Street fans could be seeing the last of evil Pat Phelan if Andy Carver’s got anything to do with it.

Nasty Phelan’s been blackmailing Andy for weeks after Andy attacked him and left him for dead.

The builder’s latest plot saw him use Andy to get revenge on Kevin by burning down the garage.

Andy did as he was told in exchange for girlfriend Steph’s safety, but then he was forced to confess to Steph everything that’s been going on.

As Steph realised the severity of the situation she decided their only option was to flee Weatherfield, so they began planning to move to Portugal immediately.

But as they pack their bags and prepare to run, Andy feels guilty about the fact Kevin’s under suspicion for arson, so looks through the laptop he stole to find something to clear Kev’s name.

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What he actually stumbles across is the CCTV footage of Phelan and Todd talking about the property scam. Bingo!

Knowing he now has a bargaining chip of his own, Andy decides to have one more crack at putting Phelan in his place.

Alarm bells should be ringing – many a man has tried to take on Phelan and few have come out on top, if we were Andy we’d just get out while we still can.

Phelan arrives to talk to Andy, and opens up about the property plot and Michael’s death. He has no idea Andy’s recording his every word.

But he soon works it out and snatches the phone, trying to delete the incriminating recording.

Andy thinks quick though and whacks Phelan over the head with the laptop – has he killed him?

With Steph waiting for Andy to go to Portugal and Eileen waiting for Phelan at the registry office to get married, will either man turn up?

Actor Oliver Farnworth, who’s played Andy for the past two years, revealed on Lorraine recently, that all of Phelan’s plotting and blackmail has Andy backed into a corner.

And despite rumours he’s leaving the show, Oliver refused to be drawn on them when Lorraine quizzed him, insisting: “I couldn’t possibly say!”

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But with his leaving party hitting the headlines last year when the police were called out to it, it looks like Oliver’s definitely off, despite his silence!

Will he end up dead at Phelan’s hands? Or does he flee to Portugal after killing Pat?