Corrie spoiler: Peter’s mystery woman revealed as Nick attacks him

Barlow's got a lot of explaining to do!

Fists are set to fly in Corrie over the festive season (course they are) as Nick Tilsley’s paranoia goes into overdrive.

He has been growing ever more suspicious about Peter Barlow’s intentions towards his lady Leanne – with pretty good reason with their romantic history.

But the bistro owner really loses the plot with his love rival over Christmas, when he gets wind of Peter having a new woman on the go.

With the philanderer behaving suspiciously and the identity of his new flame shrouded in mystery, it’s little surprise Nick jumps to the conclusion his enjoying special cuddles with Leanne.

Cue a big scrap on Christmas day – so much for good will to all men.

Nick launches a vicious attack on Peter in the Street.

Nothing can dampen Peter’s passion, though, and he later enjoys a secret rendezvous with his girlfriend in the ginnel (of course).

What he doesn’t realise is there a drone following all the steamy action. A DRONE! Fancy.

It was a gift from Nick to Peter’s son, Simon.

Peter has some explaining – and grovelling – to do when his teenage lad reveals he saw his dad snogging his new woman on the drone app on his phone.

Will Simon agree to keep his dad’s love interest secret?

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