Corrie SPOILER: Will Peter blow Steve and Leanne’s baby secret?

He threatens to expose the truth as his feud with Nick deepens

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We knew it was only a matter of time before Peter Barlow used Leanne and Steve’s baby secret to his advantage and sure enough he’s set to threaten Nick with it next week.

Nick’s not exactly made life easy for Peter since he’s been back in Weatherfield, so it’s quite a surprise that Peter doesn’t use what he knows as soon as Steve confides in him.

Peter’s been keen to prove he’s a reformed character since returning to the Street and that includes agreeing to keep Steve’s secret.

But it seems Nick’s attitude is just too much for Mr Barlow to bear when Nick continues to wind him up.

Peter and Nick’s incessant bickering puts Simon in hospital where he has to undergo a minor operation. As Si turns to his dad for comfort, Nick’s put out to be left in the cold.

Feeling insecure and jealous of his rival, things get worse when Nick discovers Liz knows Steve is Leanne’s baby daddy.

Leanne’s had enough of her other half’s childish behaviour though (haven’t we all!) and berates him for being insensitive to the McDonald clan at such a difficult time.

She begs Nick to keep his head down and keep away from Steve, Liz, and Michelle, but can he bring himself to let it go?

As they argue, things get even worse when Toyah arrives, overhears every word and finds out the truth about Steve, Leanne and the baby.

That’s one more person in the know – it’s not looking good for the whole idea of keeping it a secret, is it?

Nick realises this and decides the only thing he can possibly do to keep his family together is to up sticks and move to Edinburgh.

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Toyah can’t believe it when she hears of his plans and immediately reports back to lover Peter. Understandably horrified that Nick would even consider taking his son away from him, Peter’s determined to put a stop to it – whatever it takes.

We wonder what he could possibly do to stop them going…

Using what he knows, Peter confronts Nick and says he’ll tell the whole world the truth if Nick doesn’t agree to stay put. Will a shocked Nick heed his warnings?

And would Peter really do that to Steve and Michelle given what they’re going through?

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In shock scenes to be aired next week, Robert rescues heartbroken Michelle from a suicide attempt after the loss of her baby, Ruairi, at 23 weeks. Is even Peter selfish enough to cause her any more pain?

One way or another, this secret is going to come out, so Steve, Leanne and Nick need to be prepared for the fall out – it won’t be pretty.