Corrie SPOILER: New twists in killer Pat Phelan’s storyline

Viewers will be on the edge of their seats when this storyline develops

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Evil builder Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) has already killed off Michael Rodwell and Andy Carver – but there are more twists ahead.

“We’ve got some great stuff with Phelan,” Corrie boss Kate Oates has revealed.

“There is a little twist to his story. We may discover that all is not as it seems with Phelan.

“I love him and can’t stop watching him.

“We are bringing in Phelan’s daughter – a daughter he didn’t know existed. She represents the light to Phelan’s darkness.

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“What we will see is Phelan fall in love with the daughter he never knew he had.”

His daughter Nicola will turn up on the Cobbles this summer. It’s thought that she will be the mother of Faye’s thuggish boyfriend Seb.

Connor McIntyre relishes portraying the baddie. “He is a delight to play,” says the former Casualty actor.

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“Pat is horrible across the board.

“He is a predator, a nasty human being, and actually I have thought that a lot, a horrible proposition because there are people like that.

“It is very worrying. It reminds me of some world leaders, some politicians and those in the world of finance. It’s this lack of empathy.

“What he’ll do for power is incredible.”