Corrie SPOILER: Nathan traps Bethany again

The vulnerable teenager is still under his spell

When David, Gary and Sarah burst into creepy Nathan’s disgusting sex party and rescued Bethany from three pervy men, we really hoped the teenager’s ordeal was over.

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But Nathan isn’t about to let his prize possession slip away that easily. This week we’ve seen him continue to manipulate Bethany through Neil the policeman.

Sarah has been determined to keep her daughter safe, but Bethany has been so brainwashed by Nathan that she firmly believes she’s in a loving relationship and he’s done nothing wrong.

Lucy Fallon who plays the abused teenager told This Morning that Bethany’s ordeal is about to get worse.

She said: “Nathan is going to tell her to tell her family that they’ve split up even though they haven’t.

“So she is going to lie and say they’ve split up with each other and he is telling her to get a passport and he’s going to take her away.

“For Bethany that’s quite exciting because when she’s with Nathan she feels like an adult, they’re engaged and going to get married and now going to move away together.”

She added: “For her that’s exciting but what he really wants to do is sell her in another country.”

Next week sees Neil pay Bethany another visit at the Platts. He’s got an address and tells her that Nathan wants to meet her there at 11am the next day.

Bethany cooks a meal for her family in the secret knowledge that it’ll be their last one together as she’s leaving with Nathan in the morning.

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Will anyone be able to stop her before it’s too late?