Corrie SPOILER: Michelle in kidnap horror?

If you thought Mich might have an easy ride for a while… er, have you never seen a soap?

It’s set to be a massive summer on Corrie, with a host of huge storylines coming up.

But the one that’s got people talking the most is a rumoured plot that involves Michelle Connor being kidnapped.

Whoa. Because Michelle hasn’t been through enough, guys?

Michelle and Steve’s loss was one of the biggest storylines of the year (Credit: ITV)

We don’t know much about the storyline yet – who does it, why it happens etc etc – but given that Michelle’s boyfriend Robert has been at the heart of the recent storyline involving drug dealer Rich, we’d guess that Rich has something to do with it.

Actress Kym Marsh wrote in her OK! Column recently about the storyline reports and while she didn’t confirm them… well, she might as well have.

Michelle had warned Robert to stay well away from Rich (Credit: ITV)

“There was a report about my character, Michelle, being kidnapped, gagged and put in a car boot,” she wrote. “I can’t talk about any storylines I’m currently filming, but I am sinking my teeth into some dramatic scenes.”

Kym is now one of Corrie’s most-used actors and is constantly in the midst of the biggest plots. This year she even won the Best Female Dramatic Performance award for her portrayal of the harrowing stillbirth storyline.

So it’s no surprise that she has something else massive coming up.

Kym added in her column: “I’m thoroughly enjoying myself at work at the moment. They keep challenging me and I’ve got a busy summer, so stay tuned!”

Robert dealt with Rich, but will it come back to haunt him? (Credit: ITV)

The story comes after Michelle’s boyfriend Robert had drug dealer (and his former friend) Rich arrested, despite their past loyalties.

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He thought he had drawn a line under the drama – ha! As if! This is Corrie! – but then received a scary phone call making it clear that it wasn’t over.

While Robert said he wouldn’t be intimidated, it looks like Rich has other ideas – especially if these storyline teasers are anything to go by.

Michelle got together with Robert after she found out Leanne was carrying Steve’s baby (Credit: ITV)

If it all sounds messy, it’s only one of the major plotlines that Corrie will see over the next few months.

As well as the conclusion of the Bethany Platt sex abuse storyline, viewers will see the departure of Erica, a new romance for Kate Connor, and Liz signing off her share of The Rovers to make way for Peter and Toyah.

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There will also be a major backstory for the so-far-not-that-explored Rana and the aftermath of Chesney’s stabbing to deal with.

Sling in a new fella – and a rival – for Liz, and we are cancelling plans that happen around 7.30pm for the foreseeable, thanks.