Corrie SPOILER: Lucy Fallon hints how Bethany’s storyline will end

Thankfully there is an ending in sight

Actress Lucy Fallon is doing a brilliant job playing groomed Bethany Platt, so much so, she’s been nominated for a Best Actress award at next month’s British Soap Awards.

But with the storyline getting more and more uncomfortable to watch, Lucy has revealed where she would like to see things go.

Speaking to, she opened up about how important it is for Nathan to be punished for his crimes.

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“I want to see him in prison. It’s important that we show people that if it’s happening to them, Nathan does go to prison.

“Otherwise they’ll think: ‘there isn’t any point in me telling anyone that this is happening to me, because nothing will come of it’.”

Although she added, “we don’t know what happens”, she said she would “like there to be a court case. I think there should be.”

The show has been very open about taking the star’s feelings into consideration throughout filming, and she’s done a lot of research relating to the plot.

So hopefully they’ll listen to her words that Nathan must go down for what he’s done.

Sadly, the storyline is set to run for a fair while longer as things get worse for the teen.

Viewers were horrified when Nathan persuaded Bethany to move in with him and leave her family, and despite Sarah’s best efforts to bring her daughter home, she just can’t see through Nathan’s shiny veneer.

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Things are set to crack slightly when Nathan manipulates her into going out with his sleazy mate, Neil, this week.

Bethany’s confused as to why he wants her to go for a drink with Neil, but desperate to please her man, she goes along, and has quite a good time.

But when they return to Nathan’s and find he’s throwing another party, things take a sinister turn as Neil leads her to the bedroom, and although Bethany signals to Nathan that she’s uncomfortable, he ignores her and Neil ends up having his way with Bethany without her consent.

It’s confusing and horrifying for Bethany, who can’t believe her boyfriend would let something like that happen, but he dismisses her concerns as childish.

How much more will it take for her to see him for what he really is?

Is Shona Ramsay, his ex-girlfriend, the key to bringing him down? We recently reported that she is set to get beaten up by two thugs. Are these Nathan’s cronies determined to silence her before she can ruin his plans?

And will she find the strength to speak out anyway?

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