Corrie SPOILER: Ken and Denise to rekindle romance?

They might be angry with each other at the moment, but we all know how quickly that can turn into passion

Coronation Street viewers were thrilled last night when Denise Osbourne made a dramatic return to the soap.

Her comeback had been rumoured for months after actress Denise Black left Emmerdale unexpectedly and was then spotted on set filming with Bill Roache (Ken Barlow).

And now Denise has opened up all about, er, Denise’s return and just where the land lies with former flame, Ken.

She has teased that the two could reunite – once they’ve dealt with wayward son Daniel.

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Denise turned up just as Daniel was losing the plot (Credit: ITV)

Denise arrived right in the middle of Daniel’s meltdown after he confessed to trying to kill his dad. As Ken was trying to get to the bottom of why Daniel did it, Daniel was growing increasingly unhinged and kept glancing at a knife lying on the floor.

Then someone put a key in the lock and tried to open the door as Ken shouted for them to help him.

Daniel rushed to the door to slam it shut before whoever it was could get in, but was as stunned as the audience were to see Denise standing the other side of it.

Daniel couldn’t believe his mum had returned (Credit: ITV)

He immediately ran and locked himself in the bathroom, as Ken tried to process the fact Denise wasn’t dead after all as he’d started to believe Daniel had offed her too.

Speaking of her comeback to The Sun Online, Denise revealed what the future holds for her and Ken:

“He’s looking good, isn’t he? There’s a lot of anger between them to start off with. But Bill and I get on so watch this space.”

Hmm, sounds like more than enough potential for romance to us.

Daniel is struggling to cope (Credit: ITV)

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Right now though, they’ve got rather a lot to contend with. Daniel’s on the verge of a breakdown, Ken’s furious with Denise for abandoning their son, and there’s the whole issue of Daniel having tried to kill Ken to sort out too.

“It was challenging grappling with the idea she abandoned her son,” admitted Denise. “It was not an easy one because look at the cost on him.

Denise struggled with the idea her character could abandon her son (Credit: ITV)

“But it is good for an actor to have these flaws to work with because it opens dramatic doors. If you are a soap character you need to be in the wrong.”

The actress also revealed she didn’t leave her role as Emmerdale’s Joanie Dingle to return to Corrie.

Joanie died suddenly after having a heart attack upon her release from prison for assault. Fans were stunned as they had no idea she was leaving the show she’d been part of for four years. But speculation immediately began it was so she could turn up in Weatherfield again after her son Daniel had just arrived.

“I didn’t know I would be coming back as long as the public thought,” Denise insisted. “The public has told me quite a lot about myself recently and I am very glad that it has turned out to be true.”

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