Corrie Spoiler: Is underage victim Lara going to help Bethany Platt get justice?

The character makes a comeback this week and Sarah wants her to help convict Nathan

With Bethany Platt finding out this week that Nathan had been released without charge, her mum Sarah is desperate to find another way to get the sex abuser behind bars.

And it looks like she might have found it, when she comes across Bethany’s fellow victim Lara at a walk-in centre where Rana and Yasmeen are doing voluntary work.

Lara is with Shona and while she manages to run away, Shona agrees to come back to Weatherfield – whoa, risking the wrath of David Platt, brave lady – and help build a case against Nathan.

Lara was also at Nathan’s sex parties (Credit: ITV)

While viewers might have hoped that Bethany would start having an easier time soon, the last week has thrown up more hardship for her, with Sarah leaving her alone with evil cop Neil.

Bethany’s mum thought that Neil was a good guy who would help her, when in actual fact he was one of the abusers, and so wants to keep Bethany quiet.

David won’t be happy to see Shona again – unless he thinks she can help Bethany (Credit: ITV)

Lara was first introduced to Corrie viewers when she was seen coming out of a room at one of Nathan’s sex parties with a predator who had paid Nathan.

Bethany thought she had stolen her necklace and attacked her.

Sarah is desperate to find SOME way to get Nathan to face justice (Credit: ITV)

But now it looks like the girls are set to join forces to take down Nathan – and hopefully Neil and the rest too – with Shona’s help.

And with Shona back on the cobbles, maybe there’s even a chance that her and David could get back together?

Is Lara Bethany’s hope for justice? (Credit: ITV)

While they didn’t leave it in a great place, weirder things have happened in soap. No seriously, WAY weirder things have happened in soap. Most of them to the Platts, now we come to think of it.

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Sarah begs Shona to come back to Weatherfield, but how will David feel? (Credit: ITV)

The conclusion of the sex abuse storyline is one of Corrie’s big summer plotlines, with others involving Erica’s exit and Liz McDonald getting a new fella. Kate Connor will also get a new love interest and it looks like Toyah and Peter will be taking over The Rovers.

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Rumour has it that Michelle is also set to be kidnapped, possibly following on from the recent storyline with Robert and drug dealer Rich.

Going out? Totally overrated.

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