Corrie SPOILER: Helen Worth accidentally reveals huge story line

Whoops! That was something we weren't meant to know...

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If you ever want to know a Coronation Street spoiler, it seems that asking Helen Worth is the way to get it.

The veteran Corrie star, who plays Gail Rodwell, made the mistake of revealing what’s coming up when she appeared on This Morning.

What made it even more awkward was that she was set next to her boss at the time, as producer Kate Oates was with her.

Helen was loose with her lips and revealed that Ken Barlow will be suffering a stroke in an upcoming episode.

Despite hoping that viewers may have missed her plot faux pas, Helen will be devastated to know that they were soon on social media to share her mistake.

This sounds disastrous for one of the street’s oldest residents.

Ken will be pleased to know then that his son Peter Barlow, is making another return to Weatherfield.

Chris Gascoyne is back as boozing Peter and has a dramatic arrival as he pitches up at Ken’s door covered in cuts.

With Ken unable to find out how Peter got in to this situation, he then feels a few pangs of conscience when Peter reveals he has nowhere to live.

Ken allows Peter to stay over, as the bad boy of the street makes his first appearance since 2014, apart from Dierdre’s funeral.

He is not the only Barlow making a return as nephew Adam and half-brother Daniel will be popping up on Corrie too.

Speaking at the Coronation Street press day in the summer, Kate said: “One of the things I am most excited about and something I consider a real privilege is that I am lucky enough to work on the longest-running soap.

“One of the longest-running families on that soap is the Barlows and why would you not want to strengthen that family?”

This is obviously good news for Ken… well, until he has his stroke.