Corrie SPOILER: Finally some good news (and a new man) for Bethany

Craig is our hero!

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If you’ve been having bad Corrie nightmares for months and drifting off worrying about Bethany Platt in the big Friday meeting at work, we finally have some good news.

It looks like when the Nathan storyline is over and done with – soon, people, it’s soon, we promise – Bethany will be getting a properly lovely romance. Hoorah! The sheer relief of it all.

But while you might be thinking she’ll be getting together with some hot new Corrie resident, she’s actually going to go for… Craig Tinker.

Craig: An infinite improvement on this guy (Credit: ITV)

Now, let’s be honest, our first thought here was ‘Craig though? CRAIG?’

But we’ve give it some thought and done this equation:

Bethany: currently in a dark, abusive relationship with soap’s most evil man.

Bethany: soon going to be in a lovely, kebab-eating relationship with soap’s most lovely man.

And so you know what, we are in for this romance.

The. Worst (Credit: ITV)

Lucy Fallon, the actor who’s played Bethany so awesomely in this storyline, told that their relationship will start with Craig helping Bethany to move forward.

Over the last few months, she has been groomed, abused and gang-raped by her fiance Nathan and his friends.

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Yes, Craig! (Credit: ITV)

Corrie viewers are now waiting for the storyline to reach its conclusion after Nathan was arrested on Friday.

But they still may have a little wait, as Bethany is – argh, the frustration – standing by her man and it’s been revealed that next week she will go missing.

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“I think for Bethany it’s like a really long process for her,” she told The Metro. “She’s never going to get over what happened to her and it’s a longer process to get to normality.

“I think Craig is going to help her and they’ve got a good friendship, I don’t know what’s coming.”

But Ultimate Corrie Boss Kate Oates jumped in to give us all a bit more info, winking and saying ‘‘He adores her!”

And if that doesn’t confirm that that pair will be strolling hand in hand along the cobbled streets and snogging at the Official Corrie Snogging Bus Stop by autumn, we don’t know what does.