Corrie SPOILER: Killer Phelan caught out by wife Eileen tonight?

Will Eileen find out the truth about her new husband?

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In brutal Coronation Street scenes Pat Phelan murdered Andy Carver on Friday night, but is he about to get found out sooner than he thinks when Eileen catches him?

Having smashed his victim over the head with a laptop, Phelan loads Andy’s belongings into his van to clear out all trace of him.

Steph thinks her boyfriend has left her and gone to Bristol instead of heading off to Portugal to start a new life with her – come on, Steph, wake up!

With all his bases covered, Phelan thinks he’s in the clear, but in a new clip released by Corrie, he doesn’t count on Eileen catching him loading the van…

Fortunately for Phelan, he manages to shut the doors pretty darn quick and tries to sweet talk Eileen after leaving her on her own all day.

“If you didn’t want to spend any time with me, why did you marry me?” she shouts at her new husband when he says he’s got to dispose of a carpet rather than go home with her.

“So far being married sucks,” she laments. It’s only going to get worse, Eileen, that’s for sure!

Phelan may have escaped being found out this time, but fans have a theory that it won’t be long before he’s caught, and they reckon Andy’s the one who’s going to make it happen.

Hang about, Andy’s dead, isn’t he?

Well, after Friday’s episode, viewers aren’t so sure. They took to Twitter to express their disbelief at what had happened.

Lewis Pringle stated: “Unless we see a dead body, I’ve a Phelan Andy is alive…”

While Carron Munro agreed: “Right, I’m calling it, I think Phelan hasn’t killed Andy [sic]”.

For those insisting Andy was definitely dead using the blood on Phelan’s shirt and the mud on his shoes as evidence he’d buried the body, Trudy had the answer and she even went so far as to plot out what happens next:

“Phelan thinks Andy is dead and hides the body, police will find enough blood to call murder but no body, he will come back and kill Phelan”.

We hope Trudy’s right! With both Michael and Andy the only ones who can prove what Phelan’s really like, and Michael definitely dead, Andy not actually being dead is our only hope.

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Actor Oliver Farnworth, who played unfortunate Andy, spoke to Radio Times after his exit and said:

“I feel honoured to be on the list of Phelan’s victims and one of his first.”

But he only refers to himself as a ‘victim’ which could mean anything – not necessarily murder.

Someone’s got to bring Phelan down and if not Andy, then who?