Corrie SPOILER: Details of betrayed Eva’s revenge plot revealed

Explosive scenes ahead as Eva discovers the affair between Aidan and Maria

Hell hath no fury like Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) when she finds out that her friend Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) has been having an affair with her man Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward).

The barmaid does not take the news lightly.

“The Eva, Maria and Aidan story is delicious,” Corrie boss Kate Oates has revealed.

“Eva will find out the truth and how she responds to that is very Eva the Diva-ish.”

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Aidan and Maria had been conducting an affair before she went to prison – and then resumed their fling when she was released.

While the pair have been trying to keep their relationship discreet, they are rumbled after being spotted by both Leanne Battersby and David Platt.

Actress Samia has confirmed there will be dramatic scenes when Eva takes revenge.

“It’s not going to end well,” she said.

“Aidan’s just a dirt bag.

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“I don’t fancy her chances against Eva,” she added. “Got knows what she’s going to do when she finds out.”

Samia doesn’t approve of what her character has done. “Even I’m Team Eva,” she said.

“I think Maria is totally out of order.

“Sometimes when I get my scripts, I flick through them in utter frustration. I think, ‘Why have I got to play this?’ It goes against everything I want to do.”