Corrie SPOILER: Crazed Chloe to FRAME Peter for attacking Ken?

She's his alibi, but she's still deciding if she'll come through for him

As the suspects stack up in the Ken Barlow attack, Peter’s acting very suspiciously indeed.

And it’s not good news that his future lies in the hands of his stalker Chloe. Will she save his bacon – or will she make him pay for rejecting her?

Peter’s behaviour is worrying when he gets his hands on Simon’s phone and then smashes it up with a hammer. He even destroys the sim card – what’s on there that he doesn’t want anyone to find?

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He thinks he’s covered his tracks, but he’s clearly not as technologically minded as his son who soon gets himself a new phone and recovers all his old messages.

As Simon discovers he’s got a voicemail from his dad, the lad’s horrified when he listens to it and realises it’s from the night of Ken’s attack.

A panicked Peter is telling Simon that he’s messed up badly and he needs to get away immediately. That doesn’t sound good, does it?

Simon doesn’t really know what to do, and although he realises it makes his dad look guilty, he plays the message for Nick and Leanne.

Nick’s sure it makes Peter guilty, but as the Barlow bloke is backed into a corner and confronted by Nick, Leanne, Simon, and Toyah, he eventually confesses what he was really up to that night – and why he was planning to do a runner.

He explains that he went to see Chloe to make it clear he isn’t interested in her, and to get her to tell everyone she was lying about them having an affair and him drinking again.

But he reveals she went crazy, smashed up her house, and then cut herself, threatening to report him for assaulting her.

Peter admits he was going to make a run for it because he didn’t think anyone would believe his story and he feared Chloe was going to ruin his life. It’s the same reason he gives for smashing up the phone.

Even he admits the whole thing sounds far-fetched, but the only way he’s going to prove his story is to get Chloe to back him up.

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Realising he has to go back to see her and beg her to give him an alibi, Peter prepares himself to face her. But will she go along with it?

Or is she set to take her revenge on him one step further and frame him for pushing his dad?

Will Chloe clear Peter’s name? Or is he in even more trouble than he can imagine?