Corrie SPOILER: Can David forgive Shona?

The truth is out and we know how much David likes to hold a grudge

David Platt’s world comes tumbling down when he finds out the truth about Shona being Clayton’s mum. Predictably, David doesn’t take the news very well and next week Eileen and Billy get a message from her saying she’s left Weatherfield.

Worried, they call in at the salon and beg David to speak to her, but an angry David responds by hurling his mobile through a mirror. That’s seven years bad luck, Dave.

Later, David opens up to Gail and tells her how Shona has been the only person to make him feel happy again since Kylie’s death.

Gail, who knew the truth, covers her guilt while comforting her son. He takes his anger out on Billy and Eileen, screaming across the street that Shona’s son killed Kylie.

Everyone is shocked and with Shona now out of Weatherfield, is this the end of their short-lived romance? We’re hoping that David will forgive her, after all, Shona has forgiven him for trying to blow up her son with a car full of petrol.

Oh, and the small issue of her playing a vital part in exposing Nathan as a pimp.

The pair shared a kiss this week and it looked like their fledgling friendship was about to develop into something more.

But, as we all know only too well, secrets can’t stay secret for very long in Coronation Street, so it was only a matter of time before David found out the shocking truth.

And, with Gail keeping Shona’s secret for the past few weeks, it can’t be long before David finds out her betrayal as well.

Will Shona return to Weatherfield? Will David go back to the dark side? Will he ever be able to forgive Shona?