Corrie SPOILER: Details of Bethany Platt’s grooming ordeal revealed

The troubled teen's in a very dangerous situation indeed

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Corrie teen Bethany Platt is set to be groomed into a world of sexual exploitation by new boyfriend Nathan.

We suspected there was something shady about him and he couldn’t be trusted when he played knight-in-shining armour and rescued her after her collapse on Christmas Day.

But Bethany’s been flattered by his attention, and now it’s been revealed she’s so fooled by his charms, she ends up falling for him and getting involved in a full-blown relationship.

In an interview with Metro, Christopher Harper who plays sinister Nathan has revealed more about what we can expect from this horrifying plot.

“Nathan’s a very dark character and intriguing to play.

“I like how Corrie were showing that there are certain stereotypes of perpetrators of this kind of thing that aren’t true. All sorts of people can be capable of this.

“I think it’s important that he is charming and charismatic – enough for a character like Bethany who is savvy, bright, cynical and who is quite worldly wise for a 16-year-old, to fall in love with him.”

He added that once we’ve seen her fall for him and the relationship develops, things get “a lot darker and we can all see his intentions are not right.”

It’s not just the age gap that makes this feel icky “there’s so much more to it than that,” Christopher says. “It’s about the way he behaves with her. It’s going to be nailbiting to see where he takes her.

“I think it’s really important to draw an image of a manipulative but very charming predator who doesn’t look like he is one.”

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This week we’ll see Bethany get more attached to Nathan as he encourages her to make her YouTube beauty tutorial videos in his tanning salon.

But when he encourages her to show off her body next time, it’s clear things are taking a very dark turn indeed. But will a flattered Bethany see it?

After falling for her mum’s boyfriend, Gary Windass, Bethany’s been looking for any way to get over him and move on. But as Nathan preys on her vulnerability, will anyone realise what’s happening to Bethany before it’s too late?