Corrie SPOILER: Bethany goes to extreme lengths to cope

She just can't see that Nathan's not a nice guy

Bethany Platt is finally rescued from evil Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street this week.

As her family try to put her back together, she cannot see that her ‘boyfriend’ has done anything wrong at all and secretly plots to be with him.

With Sarah Platt, David Platt, Gary Windass, and Shona Ramsay trying desperately to make Bethany see Nathan has been grooming her and abusing her, Bethany is so blinded by love she can’t see it.

Bethany lies to everyone – including friend Craig – about where she’s going (Credit: ITV)

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They try to make her see that Nathan’s been doing it all for profit, but she won’t hear a bad word said against him and even sneaks out before heading to his flat to be reunited with him.

With a lot of help from Mel, and Neil, Nathan feeds her a pack of lies and convinces her yet again that he’s the victim and he loves her.

He tells her they need to keep Sarah sweet, so sends Bethany home and tells her to lie they’ve split up.

Nathan then sends Neil over in his police uniform, pretending to be one of the officers who’s working on the case there to interview Bethany.

Sarah watches Bethany and Neil out of the window, thinking Neil’s there to help (Credit: ITV)

A non-the-wiser Sarah thinks Neil’s there to help, and is pleased the authorities are taking this seriously,  but actually he’s plotting with Bethany to get Nathan off.

Later in the week, it’s Bethany’s birthday, and despite the family making a fuss of her, it’s only Nathan she really wants.

Bethany wants her passport to run away with Nathan (Credit: ITV)

When everyone’s out of the way, as per her plan with Neil, Bethany takes the opportunity to search for her passport, thinking she and Nathan are going to run away together.

When Sarah realises what her daughter’s been looking for, she realises Bethany has been lying about having no contact with Nathan and is terrified of what will happen next.

Sarah is “at a loss” as to how to help Bethany (Credit: ITV)

As Audrey tries to reassure an upset Bethany that Nathan will soon just be a distant, nasty memory, Bethany is distraught.

Sarah is absolutely horrified to walk in on Bethany burning herself with a cigarette – just like Nathan did.

When Sarah demands to know what she’s doing, Bethany breaks down and tells her mum she deserves the punishment as she’s let Nathan down.

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Can the young mum keep her head and help her daughter? (Credit: ITV)

“Sarah is at a loss at what to do,” Tina O’Brien, who plays devastated mum Sarah told Digital Spy.

“Sarah and Gary are trying to get through the reality of the situation to Bethany, but she won’t listen to them. She keeps defending Nathan’s actions as she is so blinded by what she thinks is love.

“It’s frustrating and terrifying for Sarah to see her daughter this way.”

Speaking of when she catches Bethany with the cigarette, Tina continued: “It dawns on Sarah how deep Nathan has got Bethany into his web.”