Corrie spoiler: Bethany flees with Nathan?

Can this really get any worse for the Platts? Errrrr....yes, as you asked.

It’s been a big week for Bethany Platt in Coronation Street but is it too much to hope that it could see the end of her ordeal at the hands of evil Nathan?

Erm, yes basically. Next week, Bethany’s mum, Sarah realises how deeply entrenched in Nathan’s web her daughter really is.

This week sees the Platts storm Nathan’s flat after a warning from Shona, but even after unmasking Nathan in front of Bethany, she still doesn’t believe what he is.

While Sarah and Gary are trying to maker her see what a monster he is, she won’t hear a word against him.

Sarah is pleased when Fake PC Neil drops round and Bethany agrees to talk to him. Still unaware that Neil is part of the sex ring that groomed her daughter, she watches them chat.

What she doesn’t realise is that Bethany and the bent copper are making plans for her to fell the country with Nathan.

Bethany pulls the wool over her family’s eyes and pretends she has broken up with Nathan.

On Bethany’s 17th birthday, she feels a pang of guilt as she sees how much effort her family have gone to for her.

But it doesn’t last long as she hunts for her passport and is caught in the act by her mum.

Sarah is heartbroken when she realises Bethany has been lying to her and is still as smitten with her abuser as ever.

Will Bethany ever see the truth?