Corrie SPOILER: Bethany discovers the truth about Nathan?

Will she kick him to the kerb?

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It’s music to our ears: Bethany Platt is set to realise boyfriend Nathan Curtis isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

But as the pair fight and she reveals to her mum it’s over, has Bethany finally got away from him before it’s too late?

Viewers have watched in horror as older bloke Nathan grooms vulnerable Bethany. He’s been flattering her and making her feel special, but all-the-while planning to offer her up to his mates to sleep with.

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Bethany’s been so thrilled by his attention she’s gone along with everything he’s suggested so far and when he encourages her to make another vlog, she excitedly gets to work with Nathan’s assistant Mel.

But as Mel’s sorting the camera, Bethany loads the laptop and stumbles across an image of Mel and Nathan kissing.

Mel had previously sworn nothing had gone on between her and Nathan, but now Bethany knows different, she’s devastated.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany revealed:

“When she sees the photo she’s annoyed and upset.

“She confronts Mel and Nathan, but Nathan turns it around and says, ‘Did you expect me to be a virgin when we met?’

“He makes her feel childish and she storms out.”

Phew! We’re definitely breathing a sigh of relief that Bethany’s come to her senses about her older fella at last.

Nathan’s fuming with Mel for causing Bethany to run away, and makes it known she’s going to have to face the consequences of her actions.

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Meanwhile, Bethany returns home for some sympathy from her mum, but Lucy explains Sarah “doesn’t say much”. Instead she tries to let Bethany come to her own conclusions, but secretly confides in boyfriend Gary she’s relieved it’s over.

However, Bethany’s heard her mum call Nathan a “creep” and gets defensive, deciding she will get back with him just to spite Sarah.

We’re pretty sure he’ll be willing to take her back, but will his history with Mel make Bethany realise he’s not as wonderful as she previously thought?

Will the whole thing open her eyes a bit more and make her more aware of what she’s getting into?

Or will it be Mel who finally speaks up about what Nathan’s really got planned?