Corrie SPOILER: Baby Oli hospitalised after Steve makes shock error

It's a terrifying time for Leanne

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Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald puts his baby’s life in danger when he makes a mistake with his medication.

Steve fathered Leanne Battersby’s child, Oliver, after a silly one-night stand and the fallout has been huge.

At first Leanne pretended to everyone the baby was fiancé Nick Tilsley’s, and he went along with the plan, desperate to keep Leanne by his side and be a dad.

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Meanwhile, Steve’s wife, Michelle, tragically lost their son at 23 weeks.

When Leanne eventually gave birth to Oli, and Steve held his tot for the first time, he couldn’t contain his emotions any longer. That was when he blurted out he was the father and all hell broke loose.

Michelle kicked him out and has been determined to get revenge on him whatever it takes. And Nick’s not been happy at Steve trying to play a role in Oli’s life and has done all he can to keep him away from their little family.

But now Steve and Leanne have agreed to co-parent. It seems to be going okay, but when Oli is rushed to hospital next month, it’s a scary time.

At first the doctors think he’s got meningitis, which terrifies the new parents, but then it turns out he’s had too many doses of baby drugs, including antihistamine.

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It turns out Leanne and Steve have both given their son medicine, without checking whether the other person has already done the same. The breakdown in communication is devastating for them and they realise they need to be more vigilant in future.

A source told The Mirror: “Steve’s still getting over the death of Ruairi when Oliver is rushed to hospital after taking a sudden turn for the worse.

“It’s a very emotional storyline and aimed at warning parents who have split but share care of their children that they need to communicate for the safety of the child.”

Fortunately for the pair, the doctors discharge Oli and say he won’t have any lasting damage. But Steve is horrified he’s put his son’s life in danger.

Can they find a way to co-parent responsibly after this?