Corrie Spoiler: Aidan to cheat AGAIN as his eye turns to Maria

Eva will be devastated to find out her boyfriend is a love rat

It’s not going to be a very happy Christmas for Eva in Coronation Street this year.

She may be happy with her boyfriend Aidan Connor but it seems that his eye is wandering and fixing back on to Eva’s friend Maria.

He’s already had a night of passion with Maria and it looks like he’s going to go back for another bite of that cherry.

Eva has been worried sick about her friend after she found out that blood-stained scissors had been planted in her bag in the hair salon.

With Caz after Maria, Eva thinks that it’s best that Aidan stays over with Maria to act as security.

Obviously, Eva is unaware that her boyfriend has enjoyed an x-rated liaison with Maria already and this opportunity to spend more time with her has confirmed Aidan’s feelings for Maria.

Of course, in soapland it is always the case that if there’s a chance to play away, then there’s no chance of it being not taken.

Aidan does the dirty again but surely it’s only a matter of time before Eva finds out about his transgression.

It could mean that Maria is off her Christmas card list and Aidan is looking for another partner to pull his cracker on the big day.