Corrie SPOILER: Adam Barlow to kill grandad Ken?

Will Adam murder for money?

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Adam Barlow’s had a shifty look in his handsome eyes ever since he returned to Coronation Street, and as he teams up with dodgy Todd, will they turn to murder to get what they want?

Clearly in some financial trouble, Adam’s been doing all he can to get his hands on some cash.

He faked the theft of his hire car to raise some funds, and planned to fleece Underworld, but that went awry when Peter pulled out of their deal.

Now he’s using Alya, who’s annoyed at Aidan for passing her over for promotion, to get a look at the factory accounts.

But when she double-crosses him and he’s caught red-handed by Johnny and Aidan, Adam’s fuming and realises he needs to find another way to make a quick buck.

The cogs of a plot start turning when his grandad, Ken, asks for his help in getting his affairs in order.

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Ken’s already announced that he wants to put a Do Not Resuscitate order in place should he suffer another stroke, and now he wants his solicitor grandson to help him sort out his will.

Greedy Adam’s more than willing to oblige – but then he finds out Ken’s only leaving a quarter of his estate to his grandchildren. It’s a big blow for the money grabber and he can’t hide his horror at Ken’s decision.

As Ken explains he needs to put his children first, Adam’s even more riled. He throws him a filthy look before heading off to drown his sorrows in the Rovers.

That’s where Todd finds him. No stranger to very dodgy dealings, Todd’s intrigued when Adam tells him he’s going to set up his own law firm and make some serious money.

Todd (who had a glittering legal career in London before moving back to the cobbles) wants in on the business and together the pair plan to make their millions – by whatever means necessary.

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Later on, after the boys have plotted world domination, Adam’s summoned by Ken who’s called his family together.

He tells them he’s going ahead with his DNR order and also reveals Adam’s sorted out his will for him.

But with Adam the only one who’s seen the will, could he have tampered with it to make it more favourable for him?

And if he does know how much is coming his way should Ken die, will Adam go so far as to bump off his grandad to get his inheritance asap?

Just how far is Adam prepared to go to get his hands on Ken’s cash?