Eva reveals truth about pregnancy – and viewers are loving her twisted thinking!

Aidan, if you’ve got bunnies mate, we wouldn’t leave them near the hob

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There’s been a lot of dark, sad storylines going on in Corrie lately so a classic soap revenge-after-cheating storyline is, to be honest, exactly what we need. Step forward Eva.

After finding out recently that her fiance Aidan was cheating on her with best mate Maria, Eva’s decided to go for a strung out revenge, rather than just storming The Rovers and chucking a large Sauv Blanc over his very pretty shaved head.

But last night she told sister Leanne the biggest part of her plot: that her recent pregnancy announcement is a sham, and the test was actually negative. But she’s using the fake baby to get as much money out of her fella as possible.

“What has he piggin’ done?” (Credit, ITV)
Aidan: the new Peter Barlow? (Credit: ITV)

No piggin’ way, Eva, no piggin’ way.

After Eva had taken the test, Leanne said: “Look on the bright side, at least that test was negative. Can you imagine having a kid with that cheating rat?”

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Eva replied: “Last weekend I would have wanted nothing more.

But then she revealed: “I want to hurt him Leanne, I mean really hurt him. I told him the test was positive.”

She explained her thinking.

“Time for me to string him along. By the time I’ve finished I’ll be quids in. Why should I walk away with nothing when he’s in the wrong?

As any good Corrie affair should, it’s partly taken place in the ginnel (Credit: ITV)
How could you do it to Eva, Aidan? Look at that face… (Credit: ITV)

“I’m going to rinse him for all he’s got and I’ll tell you something as well. I’m going to enjoy every piggin’ minute of it.”

The good thing is that fake pregnancies in soaps always go well. OH NO WAIT.

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Eva discovered that Maria and Aidan were getting it on behind her back on Monday night in a very 2017 reveal – Aidan left his iPad plugged into their TV and his texts to Maria started pinging up.

It turned out Maria – who recently did a stint in prison – had RUBBISH chat with some awful cliches about holding Aidan in her arms and not even a couple of emoji to liven things up. Does not surprise us.

Anyway, fans are PIGGIN’ loving Eva’s revenge plot, as they told Twitter: