Corrie: Nathan goes to extreme lengths to get Bethany to comply

He's going to make sure she does his bidding

It’s set to be a big week for Coronation Street’s grooming storyline the show goes post-watershed and Bethany Platt is sent into the bedroom with three random men.

As the Platt family race to save her when they find out what’s been going on, Nathan’s already employed some pretty sinister tactics to make sure she does what he wants her to.

Nathan wants Bethany to do exactly as he says (Credit: ITV)

With Nathan throwing another one of his parties, Bethany’s already nervous, knowing exactly what that means.

She’s previously been forced to sleep with sleazy Neil. Although she felt horrible afterwards, sly Nathan managed to convince her this was what grown ups did in an adult relationship.

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Bethany was stunned when she was forced to sleep with Neil (Credit: ITV)

He then proposed to keep her onside, and Bethany was once again all loved up.

She missed his last party after her mum, Sarah, found her drunk and dressed inappropriately and dragged her home, where she locked her daughter in.

But Bethany escaped and when Sarah called the police, it turned out Neil was the officer who was handling the case. Is there no hope for Bethany’s rescue?

As Bethany gets ready for the party like a dutiful fiancée, she’s stunned when Nathan insists they remove her engagement ring so as not to make the other party goers jealous.

Nathan removes her engagement ring (Credit: ITV)

Realising she’s not totally on board, Nathan starts spiking her drinks to make sure she’s drugged up enough to bend to his will.

But as Bethany gets too drunk to be in control, Nathan’s furious she’s making such a show of herself and drags her outside to dish out a sinister punishment.

Bethany is left tearful when Nathan punishes her (Credit: ITV)

He then takes her back in, and accepting payment from three men, sends Bethany into the bedroom to sleep with them.

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Bethany waits for the men to come in (Credit: ITV)

As she prepares for this fresh hell, she has no idea that Shona Ramsey has warned her family what she’s about to go through and David Platt, Gary Windass, and Sarah are all racing to save Bethany.

Shona confronts Nathan when she discovers he’s engaged to Bethany, but he sends her on her way before having her followed and brutally attacked.

Shona is set upon by thugs (Credit: ITV)

Fortunately, Shona knows right from wrong and isn’t scared off. She discharges herself from hospital and tells David what’s going on with his niece.

Will they get there in time to rescue her? And will Bethany want to be rescued if they do?